News Mining for Financial Analysis & Investment

Case Study Team

Id Name Institution (type*) Contact e-mail Related WG Role in the team
1  Juan C. Burguillo-Rial  Universidade de Vigo (A)  WG4 Coordinator
2  Joana Matos Dias  Universidade de Coimbra (A)  WG4 Vice-Coordinator
3  Mariam Kiran  ESNet (I)  WG4 Team member
4  José Covelo García  Luckia Gaming Group (I)  WG4 Team member
5  Aleš Zamuda  University of Maribor (A) Team member

*A-academia, I-industry

Adressed Problem

Decisions made by investors can be influenced by the beliefs the investors create when analysing the current situation. These beliefs can be strongly determined by news directly related with specific areas (stock market, forex market, industry specific and so on), but also with news targeting public in general.

News mining, as a tool for improving financial decision making, is an interesting path of research, and can be interpreted in different contexts and different levels. It should consider state-of-the-art text mining and sentiment analysis algorithmic solutions, used for financial prediction and decision making.

Proposed Solution(-s) (Models, Tools)

Develop and use of text mining and sentiment analysis tools for financial decision making.

Practical Scenarios (-s)

Internet Brokerage Companies operating over stock markets, Forex, etc.

Supplementary Material

Internet media, social networks, blogosphere, etc.