CGs in the 4th Grant Period

 In GP4 (Grant Period 4)  cHiPSet Action IC1406 will support upto six Conference Grants.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You are a PhD student or  an Early Career Investigator (up to 8 years after PhD defense).
  • Your primary affiliation is in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, FYR Macedonia, Serbia or Turkey.
  • You have a paper or poster accepted for presentation at an international conference.
  • The topic of your paper or poster and the conference theme are relevant for cHiPSet.
  • European conferences are preferred, but conferences elsewhere can be considered as well.

Expenses covered:

  • travel (incl visa) from home to conference location and back;
  • conference fee up to 500EUR;
  • subsistence up to 160 EUR per conference day attended, minus 20 EUR per lunch/dinner provided as part of the conference package.

The maximum amount of a Conference Grant is 1450 EUR.


  • Grant applications can be submitted any time, but must be submitted at least 45 DAYS BEFORE the conference AND NO LATER THAN February 15th, 2019 (Hard Deadline).

Application Procedure:

  • Fill in the conference grants application form in the e-cost system ( Consult the USER GUIDE as needed.
  • Save your application, but do not yet submit.
  • Send the following documentation in one pdf file to the cHiPSet Conference
    Grants Committee (
    a) complete printout or screen shot of your e-cost application;
    b) title of your paper or poster;
    c) proof of acceptance of your paper or poster (as provided to the e-cost system).
    d) break-down of your (expected) travel expenses;
    e) printouts or screen shots of travel booking web sites substantiating each expense;
    f) printouts or screen shots of the conference web site confirming the effective participation fee;
    g) list of lunches and dinners included in the conference fee;
    h) your short CV (as provided to the e-cost system);
    i) brief description of your involvement in the COST Action (as provided to the e-cost system);
  • The cHiPSet Conference Grants Committee verifies your application. If your application is complete and formally meets all COST requirements, we invite you to submit your application in the e-cost system. We further initiate the voting procedure of the Core Group (CG) that formally decides about your application on behalf of the Management Committee (MC).
  • Upon approval of the Core Group, the Action Chair pre-approves your conference
    grant in the e-cost system and you receive a formal notification.

Mandatory Acknowledgements:

  • Successful conference grant holders must properly acknowledge their EU financial support, received through the cHiPSet COST Action IC1406, in their published paper/poster as well as on the respective presentation slides.


After the conference:

  • At most 30 calendar days after the last conference day attended, but no later than March 25, 2019, conference grant holders must upload a scientific report (2 pages) to the e-cost system.
  • This report must be aligned with the template provided in the e-cost system.
  • This report including paper, presentation slides and/or poster  as appendices, must be sent to the cHiPSet Conference Grants Committee (


Failure to produce the above documentation in time may result in cancellation of your conference grant!