STSM – Agnieszka Jakóbik


Agnieszka Jakóbik


Institute of Computer Science, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Security in Cloud Environment

Hosting Institution

National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


2015-11-23 to 2015-11-29

Summary of the scientific report

The aim of the visit during STSM was to deepen knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing, establish contact and cooperation with the Cloud Competency Centre at the National College of Ireland and develop security-aware cloud scheduler model. The special interest was secure Data-Distribution Techniques for Cloud Environments, advances in data-intensive modelling for Cloud Environments, cryptographic security of Large-Scale Scientific and Data-Intensive Applications. The activities will include the model of secure Cloud Environments scheduler and its validation for chosen Cloud Environment. Obtained results and accomplishments:

  • The development of the COST Action IC1406 WG1 research topics
  • Establishing a close scientific cooperation – both in the exchange of knowledge and access to infrastructure, as well as efforts for subsequent collaboration.
  • Formulating the model of the multi-agent non-deterministic scheduler for Cloud Environments.
  • Development and verification of multi-agent non-deterministic scheduler for Cloud Environments.
  • Jakóbik, D. Grzonka, H. González-Vélez, J. Kołodziej: „Towards Secure Non-Deterministic Meta-Scheduling for Clouds” 30th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (May 31st – June 3rd, 2016, Regensburg, Germany).
  • Continuation of scientific cooperation .

Personal notes

I am very grateful to DrHoracio González-Vélez for his hospitality during my stay in Dublin: regular meetings, valuable advice and the office at National College of Ireland we had access Also cooperation after grant is very good and fruitful. It was excellent opportunity for me to work in the international team, to gain my scientific experience as well as language skills. Moreover I always wanted to see the ocean, I found the Ireland to be very beautiful country.