STSM – Fatima Leal


Fátima Leal


University of Vigo

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Big Data Techniques for Trust and Reputation Modelling using Crowdsourcing Information on Tourism Domain

Hosting Institution

National College of Ireland


01-11-2016 to 30-01-2017

Summary of the scientific report

The work accomplished during the grant period was focussed on Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques in order to explore data-intensive tourism crowdsourcing.
The selected techniques were applied to the Expedia data to generate dynamic user profiles and produce recommendations using both,
multiple-criteria ratings and textual reviews. The results as well as a full explanation of the work produced are described on both accepted scientific articles:
(i) Profiling and Prediction using Tourism Crowd-sourced Multiple-Criteria Ratings; and (ii) Semantic Profiling and Destination Recommendation based on Crowd-sourced Tourist Reviews.
The access to the National College of Ireland infrastructure will continue being assigned in order to complete the project.

Personal notes

This STSM grant gave me an opportunity to develop extra skills regarding Data Analytics.
I am very grateful to Dr. Horacio González-Vélez and Dr. Adriana Chis for hospitality during my stay in Dublin. Thank you so much for the regular meetings, all support, and the opportunity to present my research in a seminar.
This mobility was an essential activity for my PhD research progress.