STSM – Fátima Manuela da Silva Leal


Fátima Manuela da Silva Leal


University of Vigo

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Big Data and Reputation in Tourism Crowdsourcing Systems

Hosting Institution

University of Coimbra


2016-02-22 to 2016-03-21

Summary of the scientific report

The amount of online tourism-related information highlights the rising of an important challenge in tourism domain – Big Data. Nowadays, online information about tourism resources (hotels, transportation, restaurants, attractions, etc.) is fundamental to plan a trip. Increasingly, Internet is the main tool to support the tourist providing not only, information of a given tourism resource, but also, diverse opinions of another tourists about it, in forms of ratings, reviews or posts. Part of tourism information on Web is crowd-sourced and classifies the tourist experience. This classification influences the tourist behaviour based on third parties experiences, i.e., the crowd. The work accomplished during the grant period aimed to explore Data Mining algorithms in order to analysis trends and patterns from tourism crowdsourcing systems.

Personal notes

Big Data analytics became an important challenge in technological world whereby, the knowledge exchange between researchers with different working visions is very important for a continuous scientific development. This STSM grant gave me an opportunity to learn and have sensibility to analyse the results obtained using Data Mining algorithms within PhD research domain.