STSM – Piotr Szuster


Piotr Szuster


Cracow University of Technology, ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Data Fusion In Cloud Computing

Hosting Institution

Carlos III University of Madrid, Avenida de la Universidad Carlos III, 22, Colmenarejo 28270. Madrid.


20/01/2017 – 29/01/2017

Summary of the scientific report

The aims of the STSM scholarship at Carlos III University of Madrid were the identification and analysis of multiple monitoring challenges related to data fusion in computational clouds (CC) , start of the closer collaboration with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Group at Carlos the III-rd University of Madrid and development of a novel data fusion model as a component of the generic CC system. The main problems which were discussed during the visit were the development of the monitoring tool for distributed high performance data fusion systems, which allows the fusion of the received data, monitors the performance of the system, collects statisticsof the data automatically, and supports the overall data fusion process. The concrete task list for the realization includes the development of models based on data fusion based on the context, specify the class of problems for solving, validation of the developed tools, im-prove of the knowledge and experience in Cloud Computing and Data Fusion. The work was supervised by Prof. Jose Manuel Molina Lopez who is respected expert in the domain of Data Fusion. Applied Artificial Intelligence Group at UC3M is a leading Euroepan research group in Data Fusion which is provided with high-end compute infrastructure. Prof. Jose Manuel Molina Lopez is the Head of this group. The work carried out under the STSM project fit into the WG1 research topics. The WG1 group (Enabling Infrastructures and Middleware for Big-Data Modelling and Simulation) activities include work on the problems of development of novel heterogeneous models, algorithms and techniques for advanced Big Data exploitation, based on the current and emerging multicore system architectures, virtualised servers and data centres, mobile cloud and multi-cloud systems.

Personal notes

My research visit resulted in many new valuable scientific experiences and let me practice to work in the international team. I would like to thank for the possibility of being awarded with the STSM Grant.