STSM – Rostislav Razumchik


Rostislav Razumchik


Federal Research Center «Computer Science and Control» of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Queueing theory based mathematical models for scheduling in BigData systems

Hosting Institution

Cracow University of Technology (CUT)


2017-02-04 to 2017-02-11

Summary of the scientific report

The workplan for the STSM was realized in full. During the week I have participated in the meetings of the research group of CS-CUT, headed by prof. Joanna Kolodziej. Those were devoted to the discussion of the current problem set-tings, which we are working on in the field of scheduling, and to the possible ways of its solution. We have shared the ideas on the following two topics: scheduling in real-time data-intensive systems and deterministic scheduling in simple clouds. As the results of the joint work we came up with the mathematical description off-line scheduling algorithm for batch processing of real-time data-intensive tasks, that require data files from repositories for processing. The developed resource allocation algorithm aims at minimizing the makespan, while taking into consideration data transfer times and tasks’ deadlines. All the obtained results were put together in the journal paper.

Personal notes

The one-week stay organized by prof. Joanna Kolodziej was at the highest level. I’ve been given a personal working place at the Computer Science Department fully equipped with everything one may need for work. Everything else (library, sports grounds, courtyards, canteens and cafes) is within a walking distance from the department. Regular meetings with prof. Joanna Kolodziej and joint meetings with the members of her research group made the scientific collaboration especially successful.