WG Meeting in Luxembourg

Dear Action Members,

The face-to-face Working Group Meeting in GP2  will happen very soon in Luxembourg. We invited 45 WG members to attend the meeting and expect a lot of interesting discussions and workplan for the rest of the GP2.

The meeting will be hosted by University of Luxembourg and it is co-located with CloudCom 2016 conference. Some of the cHiPSet members will participate at that event as well.

Please find appended the travel infomation for those who still haven’t managed the travel – and link to the Conference Webpage. The meeting agenda is available at



warm regards and I am looking forward to meet you all very soon

Joanna Kolodziej


The meeting is scheduled for the whole day
The venue is Parc Alvisse Hotel, The Room: Schengen II
The registration starts at 8:30
Please remember that you will be pleased to sign the attending list – it is necessary for the reimbursement procedure
We do not collect any printed documents, the claims must be completed through e-cost system, we will instruct you all how to complete and submit the claims at the beginning of meeting
The meeting is co-located with the CloudCom conference  (http://2016.cloudcom.org/) as a separate event, however we will share the conference area on Monday with the conference workshops – you will have a nice opportunity to meet the conference participants during the breaks