Training School in 2018 – call and new deadline

Dear All,

We now collect expressions of interests, from people interesting in hosting/organising the Training School in 2018 within the cHiPSet COST Action. Deadline: 31 May 2017.
In the cHiPSet COST Action we organise a Training School during each financial period. The TrainingSchool covers activities relevant for the COST Action. You can find more on the Training Schoolat Following the first edition (in Bucharest) and second one (in Novi Sad), we are now preparing the third edition of the event. Participants in the cHiPSet COST Action, interested to host the third Training School edition, are invited to send an Expression-of-Interest. The expression of interest has to be sent by email, and should include:
– Name of the applicant (person that is proposed to be in charge of the local organisation)
– Host institution (organisation interested to host/organise the Training School)
– Details on the infrastructure available to support the hands-on practice / applications during the TrainingSchool
– Potential estimation on the financial costs involved in hosting the event in the proposed location (eg., estimated accommodations costs, organisation costs for lunches maybe)
– Short description on the motivation to host the event (eg., possible research results and activities relevant for the Training activities)
– Proposed period to host the Training School (TS committee prefers to have it in September, because many can participate mostly then, but alternative choices can be proposed)
You are invited to submit your EoI until the deadline, 31 May 2017. The EoI should be send by email, to the cHiPSet Training School committee:
– Ciprian Dobre (
– Sanja Brdar (
– Dzimitry Kliazovich (
– Joanna Kolodziej (
– Horacio Gonzalez-Velez (
The team will collect all applications and decide based on the relevance for the Training School – an announcement will soon follow on the decision, as we intend to start the organisation process for the next edition as soon as possible. Please note that, according to the COST Rules, COST Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) should be given priority in choice (the countries listed at, but applications coming from other countries are welcome and will be given high consideration.
Best regards,
Ciprian Dobre (for the Training School committee)