Thematic Session at HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Stuttgart

Dear cHiPSet Members,

cHiPSet Chair – Joanna Kolodziej – and Sabri Pllana organize the Thematical Session on “Big Data in Mobility and Transport” during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Stuttgart (25-27.10.2017). The session slot is planned for October 26, 2017 , 14:00 – 15:30h. The  session will highlight challenges and opportunities of Big Data in mobility and transport from perspectives of multiple disciplines (such as the computer science, logistics, and transportation). The program includes presentations of ongoing European projects (such as, Mobility4EU and CHIPSET) and companies (such as, NASK, COMARCH).

There is no registration fee for this event and cHiPSet members will be very welcome to join us (If you plan to come – please register using the following link

This year  edition of Computing Systems Week will take place in Stuttgart on 25-27 October. In keeping with the thriving engineering sector in Stuttgart, the overarching theme of this edition is the automotive industry and smart mobility more generally.

There will be four main tracks, as follows:

·        “Horizontal” Multicore session

·        HiPEAC Industry Partner Programme

·        TETRAMAX + related Innovation Actions session: SAE-INNO: Smart Anything Everywhere: Innovations in automotive and smart mobility applications

·        Automotive + smart mobility session

 The draft programme is available on the HiPEAC website.


With kind regards

Joanna and Sabri.