NESUS Research Roadmap

Dear cHiPSet Members,


I have been invited to the workshop organized by the NESUS Cost action, where the draft of their final report has been presented. The document is published as a “NESUS Research Roadmap”  and all of you are very welcome to address your remarks and suggestions.

Please find appended the message from the NESUS Chair – Prof. Jesus Carretero and feel free to contact him and send your feedback.


Warm regards

Joanna Kolodziej

cHiPSet Chair



Dear CHIPSET Members,
For your info, we would like to inform you that COST Action 1305 “Network of Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems” (NESUS),
has issued a Research Roadmap in the topic, that we think can be interesting for you.
You can find the Research Roadmap at
In case you want to participate, we have a small survey to know the opinion about the Research Roadmap.
You can fill it through the link below.
Your opinion is important for us.  If you think there is space for enhancing the RR, please indicate topics and WGs.
Best regards,
Jesus Carretero
NESUS Action Chair