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“Big Data Platforms and Applications. Methods, Techniques and Performance Evaluation” – invitation for chapters

Extracting valuable information from raw data is especially difficult considering the velocity of growing data from year to year and the fact that 80% of data is unstructured. In addition, data sources are heterogeneous (various sensors, users with different profiles, etc.) and are located in different situations or contexts. This is why the Smart City infrastructure runs reliably and permanently to provide the context as a “public utility” to different services. Context-aware applications exploit the context to adapt accordingly the timing, quality and functionality of their services. The value of these applications and their supporting infrastructure lies in the fact […]

“Resource Management for Big Data Platforms and Applications” – invitation for chapters

Many applications generate Big Data, like social networking and social influence programs, Cloud applications, public web sites, scientific experiments and simulations, data warehouse, monitoring platforms, and e-government services. Data grow rapidly, since applications produce continuously increasing volumes of both unstructured and structured data. Large-scale interconnected systems aim to aggregate and efficient exploit the power of widely distributed resources. The book provides, in this sense, a platform for the dissemination of advanced topics of theory, research efforts and analysis and implementation of resource management systems for Big Data platforms and applications. The book constitutes a flagship driver towards presenting and supporting advance research in the area of Big Data platforms and applications. The focus of the […]