Daily Archives: 25 May 2017

cHiPSet goes Hungarian at ECMS’17

As a result of a successful academic collaboration with the European Council on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS), cHiPSet members ran the High Performance Modeling and Simulation (HIPMOS) track at the 31st edition of the annual ECMS conference held in Budapest on 23-26 May 2017. Below, one can see the photograph of the cHiPSet delegation to the conference together with ECMS President and Secretary.   The HIPMOS track chairs this year were Mauro Iacono, Daniel Grzonka, and Agnieszka Jakobik. Joanna Kolodziej continued to be the honorary chairperson of the track. In addition to organising the peer-review process of the track, Daniel and Mauro seemed to have time for inventing photo-faces with Horacio […]