Joanna Kolodziej

NESUS Research Roadmap

Dear cHiPSet Members,   I have been invited to the workshop organized by the NESUS Cost action, where the draft of their final report has been presented. The document is published as a “NESUS Research Roadmap”  and all of you are very welcome to address your remarks and suggestions. Please find appended the message from the NESUS Chair – Prof. Jesus Carretero and feel free to contact him and send your feedback.   Warm regards Joanna Kolodziej cHiPSet Chair   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Dear CHIPSET Members, For your info, we would like to inform you that COST Action 1305 “Network of Sustainable […]

Digital Transformation: Informatics Systems Industry Timeliness

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017  cHiPSet was promoted at the session “Digital Transformation: Informatics Systems Industry Timeliness”. That  session was promoted by the Portuguese Engineers Association (“Ordem dos Engenheiros”), taking the opportunity that the CHipSet meeting was being hosted by this association together with FCT/UNL. The Action Chair – Joanna Kolodziej – talked about the European research, COST and its role for the society and technology transfer, contributing to a live discussion with a large audience at the “Ordem dos Engenheiros” main auditorium. The other institutions were represented by keynotes, like companies, regulators and governmental organizations, such as: Infrastructures of Portugal (IP), ITS-Portugal, Mobility and […]

WG meeting in Lisbon – thanks

Dear All, We just finished our WG meeting in Lisbon. The main aim of our work this year are the case studies (CS). We were divided into teams and worked hardly on the update and specification of the CS topics problems, etc. The CS webpage will be periodically updated until the end of February 2018 – the deadline  for the work on CS in the current grant period. I would like to thank Vasco Amaral and Ordem Dos Engenheiros for hosting us and for local organization. cHiPSet Chair          

BigSkyEarth promotion of CHIPSET

In their recent newsletter (Nov 2), BigSkyEarth promoted CHIPSET. See below. BigSkyEarth is another Cost Action – please visit their webpage . We added them to the list of our partner Cost actions –     ######################################### Dear BigSkyEarth members, this is a short newsletter with three topics: 1. BigSkyEarth workshop is coming up 2. Job positions 3. Join the cHiPSet project ############################## 1. BigSkyEarth workshop is coming upWe now have the date of our workshop in Novi Sad, Serbia: 2018, February 26&27 (Mon&Tue)Very soon we will have logistical details on our web-page to make the formal announcement. As for […]

“Big Data in Mobility and Transport” – dissemination meeting report

Dear All, Stuttgart (DE) hosted the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week from Oct 25 to Oct 27, 2017. Considering that in Stuttgart are located large automotive companies, such as Bosch, Daimler, and Porsche, and about 1500 SMEs, the focus of this event was on mobility. Mobility is of crucial interest for computing community in Europe. According to Sandro D’Elia, Programme Officer in the Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry Unit of the EC DG CONNECT, in 2022 an average car will comprise electronic components worth € 6000. The trend towards cooperative and autonomic mobility poses many Big Data challenges that we […]

Thematic Session at HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Stuttgart

Dear cHiPSet Members, cHiPSet Chair – Joanna Kolodziej – and Sabri Pllana organize the Thematical Session on “Big Data in Mobility and Transport” during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Stuttgart (25-27.10.2017). The session slot is planned for October 26, 2017 , 14:00 – 15:30h. The  session will highlight challenges and opportunities of Big Data in mobility and transport from perspectives of multiple disciplines (such as the computer science, logistics, and transportation). The program includes presentations of ongoing European projects (such as, Mobility4EU and CHIPSET) and companies (such as, NASK, COMARCH). There is no registration fee for this event and cHiPSet members […]

PDP 2018 CfP- cHiPSet members involved

Dear cHiPSet Members, The 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2018), will be held at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK, March 21-23 2018. The conference welcomes papers in the field of High Performance Computing for Modelling and Simulation, which is a hot topic for our cost action. Please consider the idea to submit a paper to PDP2018, it can be a nice opportunity to share knowledge about novel Parallel and Distributed architectures and to discuss the latest advances of High Performance Computing both from a technical and an applicative point of view. […]

cHiPSet Training School in Novi Sad

Dear Action Members, The cHiPSet Training School on Big Data Processing and Analytics in the Internet of Everything Era was hosted in Novi Sad, Serbia. The school was organized by cHiPSet training school team and locally supported by BioSense Institute and Faculty of Sciences. It was a nice experience and great event of the Action. The training school presented more intertwined connections between HPC frameworks and specific data intensive domains and applications. Big data high value use cases arising from mobile phone data, IoT, multimedia content were explored. All lectures were divided into theoretical and practical sessions, and provided participants […]

cHiPSet at COST CONNECT in Brussels

The European Commission’s DG Connect and COST organized on 12 and 13 September 2017 an interactive workshop on the Next Generation Internet (NGI). The organizers aimed to  bring together stakeholders working on this topic. cHiPSet has been represented by the Action Chair – Joanna Kolodziej – and Sabri Pllana after receiving the personal invitations from Cost Assotiation and European Comission. The NGI initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2016 and has the aim to develop a more human-centric internet, supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralization transparency and protection of privacy. The objective of this workshop was to dig deeper in […]