STSM – Magdalena Szmajduch


Magdalena Szmajduch


Institute of Computer Science, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Corresponding WG


Grant research topic

Data and tasks scheduling in distributed computing environments

Hosting Institution

George Mason University, Fairfax, USA


2016-03-10 to 2016-03-20

Summary of the scientific report

The main aims of the visit at George Mason University (GMU) were to discover and study different scheduling challenges connected with processing data and tasks in the clouds; to establish collaboration and lay foundation of the joint research with the Health Informatics Center at the George Mason University and to develop the scheduling model for the medical data processing and mining. The visit was especially concern on gaining unique medical data and testing the implemented model with the collected benchmarks of data. Obtained results and accomplishments:

  • The research’s topics development of the COST Action IC1406 WG1.
  • Establishment of tight scientific cooperation between scientists working in advanced country and those in developing country – access to knowledge, expertise and scientific facilities not available locally.
  • Exchanged ideas and experiences on the common issues regarding scientific research.
  • Gained significant medical benchmarks for testing the developed model of the Data-aware Scheduler in Heterogeneous Computing Environments.
  • Planned to submit the final results in the mid of 2016.

Personal notes

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak for the time he dedicated me and my research and all the efforts he made to make me feel as a part of his research group during my short visit. My stay at George Mason University was professionally organized in all the possible aspects. I’ve had my working place in the room together with other PhD students which gave me also a great opportunity to make new friendships. My research visit resulted in many new valuable scientific experiences and let me practice to work in the international team. I would like to thank for the possibility of being awarded with the STSM Grant.