Training Schools

The Training Schools organized within the High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications (cHiPSet) EU COST Action, aim to foster learning activities among cHiPSet members on topics related to Big Data (the school will features courses on challenges and development opportunities in High-Performance Computing (HPC), how to turn massively large data into valuable information and meaningful knowledge), and Modelling and Simulation (MS) (with courses on topics related to modern paradigms to handle and analyze Big Data in scientific and engineering domains).

The cHiPSet training schools will revolve around core themes of the Action: Enabling Infrastructures and Middleware for Big-Data Modelling and Simulation; Parallel Programming Models for Big-Data Modelling and Simulation; HPC-enabled Modelling and Simulation for Life Sciences; and HPC-enabled Modelling and Simulation for Socio-economical and Physical Sciences. Speakers / tutors are selected to be high-visibility personalities in these themes, and courses will combine theoretical with hands-on activities using latest technologies to deal with the development of Big Data distributed computing, Data Science, Modeling and Simulation, platforms and development tools for very large computing, the use and role of inter-disciplinary tools and mechanisms in HPC applications.

Training School Coordinator: Ciprian Dobre, University Politehnica of Bucharest

ciprian_dobreCiprian Dobre has early scientific and scholarly contributions in the field of large scale distributed systems concerning mobile applications and smart technologies to reduce urban congestion and air pollution (TRANSYS), context-aware applications (CAPIM), opportunistic networks and mobile data offloading (SPRINT, SENSE), monitoring (MonALISA), high-speed networking (VINCI, FDT), Grid application development (EGEE, SEE-GRID), and evaluation using modeling and simulation (MONARC 2, VNSim). These contributions led to important results, demonstrating his qualifications and potential to go significantly beyond the state of the art. Ciprian Dobre was awarded a PhD scholarship from California Institute of Technology (Caltech, USA), and another one from Oracle. The results were published in over 100 books, chapters in edited books, articles in major international peer-reviewed journal and in well-established international conferences and workshops. Ciprian Dobre’s research interests involve research subjects related to mobile wireless networks and computing applications, pervasive services, context-awareness, and people-centric or participatory sensing.