Case Studies

The list of Case Studies

Id Title Coordinator
CS1 Cloud Based High Performance Virtual Screening in Novel Drug Discovery Abdurrahman Olgac
CS2 Towards human cell simulation Marco S. Nobile
CS3 Big Data in 5G Distributed Applications Valentina Nejkovic
CS4 Reduction of computation time in Big Data analysis by GUHA method Esko Turunen
CS5 Delivering Social Multimedia Content with  Scalability Irene Kilanioti and George A. Papadopoulos
CS6 Remote Monitoring of Human’s Activities and Health Sabri Pllana
CS7 High performance computational electromagnetics Elisabeth Larsson
CS8 Big Data Processing, Analytics and Applications in Mobile Cellular Networks Sanja Brdar
CS9 Forecasting Cryptocurrency Value by Sentiment Analysis Aleš Zamuda