Industry Dissemination Event – Dublin – 18th May 2017

Dr. Horacio González-Vélez, Vice Chair of cHiPSet and Associate Professor at National College of Ireland and Dave Feenan, Industry Dissemination Co-Ordinator for cHiPSet, the two Irish representatives in the Cost Action IC1406, hosted an industry focused seminar in Dublin on Thursday May 18th 2017.

Attracting a registered attendee audience of 59 people, predominately drawn from industry, Dr. González-Vélez provided insight into the arena of data-intensive modelling and simulation and how they assist industry today. The seminar appealed to Data Scientists, Computational Scientists, CIOs, Statisticians and the wider tech community who had a desire to understand more about HPC, High Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications. They all engaged in a very interactive and informative session.

Horacio took the audience on a journey discussing “What happens in an Internet minute” to the business opportunity in an EU Data Economy projected market place of €739B. He then spoke about Data Fabrication, Data Federation, Data Cloaking and the opportunities in Industry and Connected Health 4.0. He then discussed the wider academic landscape for HPC across the EU and how industry could partner with cHiPSet for H2020 funding.

In summarising he encapsulated that CHiPSet brings together the Scientists, Technologists, Graduate Students, and Practitioners in:

  • HPC Infrastructure and Parallel Programming
  • Big Data and Data-Intensive Computing
  • Life, Social, and Physical Sciences Modelling
  • Simulation

Two of the attending organisations have already scheduled meetings with cHiPSet to evaluate the next stage as they are looking to synergise the potential offer from cHiPSet Cost Action. This is a fantastic outcome already and we will seek additional interaction with the eco-system throughout the year.

You can view Horacio’s presentation by clicking on this link and scrolling to the end of the web page where you will find a PDF