cHiPSet at COST CONNECT in Brussels

The European Commission’s DG Connect and COST organized on 12 and 13 September 2017 an interactive workshop on the Next Generation Internet (NGI). The organizers aimed to  bring together stakeholders working on this topic.

cHiPSet has been represented by the Action Chair – Joanna Kolodziej – and Sabri Pllana after receiving the personal invitations from Cost Assotiation and European Comission.

The NGI initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2016 and has the aim to develop a more human-centric internet, supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralization transparency and protection of privacy. The objective of this workshop was to dig deeper in the possible scenarios and expected impacts of the future internet, and provides a unique chance to contribute to these developments.

The meeting was really very interesting. We could sucessfully disseminate our Action and interact in the other Action members and chairs. We had also the time for the panel discussions and interactions with the people from EC.

We would like to thank the Cost Assotiation for inviting us and perfect local organization!

We also thank the other participants for intereting talk and nice time during the event.