Final GP3 MC+WG meeting in Fontainebleau

Dear cHiPSet Members,

We just after the last WG + MC meeting in the 3rd Grant Period, which was held in Fontainebleau, on March 19-20, 2018.

The meeting was very successful, we organized a workshop on  “Accelerating Modelling and Simulation in the Data Deluge Era”  with the presentation of the invited guests.

Our work was also monitored by our Scientific Officer from the Cost Association – Dr Ralph Stuebner. I would like to thank very much all the local organizers (especially Kasia and Claire), the Headquaters of the School and all the local students for supporting us and for the perfect hosting. We appreciate all your efoorts very much.

The work in CS teams will be continued in the GP4 and based on the discussion and presentations, we expect very interesting results.

Joanna Kolodziej

Action Chair