Daily Archives: 25 September 2018

cHiPSet presented at QUATIC 2018

cHiPSet has been recently (5-7 September) presented at the QUATIC 2018 conference in Coimbra (Portugal). We would like to thank the conference organizers – especially Vasco Amaral -for making it possible. Many thanks.   cHiPSet Members together with Prof. Antonia Bertolino (Quatic PC Chair) : (from the left) Vasco Amaral, Alejandro F. Montes, Antonia Bertolino, Ana Respicio, Joanna Kolodziej, Damian F. Cerero   Again cHiPSet Members , now with Cristina Cabanillas from Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria   Damian presented his co-authored research paper – the result of collaboration of the research teams from University of Sevilla and Cracow University of […]