Daily Archives: 3 November 2018

cHiPSet Dissemination event: Keynote Talk at CSE’2018

Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, cHiPSet vice-chair, carried out a dissemination activity in the form of a keynote talk at the 21st IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering held at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers of the  University Politehnica of Bucharest on 29th October 2018 https://cse2018.hpc.pub.ro/keynote-speakers/. Entitled “Beyond Fast and Furious: Smart approaches to data-intensive parallel programming”, the talk centred on why large data-intensive multiprocessing systems have long posed a challenge to known distributed systems programming  techniques as a result of the inherent heterogeneity and dynamism of their resources. It presented some ideas on how to exploit the structure and behaviour […]